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"Undefeated", by Scott Hildreth - An erotic love story. This book has (50) 5 star reviews in ten days.

Undefeated is a story about fighting, surviving, and falling in love.

Surviving life, abuse, and demons from the past.

If you've even been in love, ever been abused, or know anyone that has, read this book. It is inspirational for all that love, have been  loved, or desire love.

A boxer, his best friend, and a girl.

Alpha males galore, and love like no other.

Give Undefeated a read today. Like nothing else you've ever read.

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Undefeated, An erotic romance novel about a boxer, a girl, and a tremendous amount of love

My inspiration to write the novel, Undefeated, is outlined below. This is a must read novel with tremendous heart.

The events below are true. The events in the book are not. The book is one hundred percent fiction.
One weekend, I had a girl get in touch with me that I had never met. She had received my telephone number from a friend of a friend. Frantic, she attempted to speak to me initially, but each time she tried, she was overcome with emotion.
This emotion filled silence continued for almost an hour, and then we then actually began to communicate, albeit slowly, and one-sided. I learned through the conversation (that lasted almost eight hours) that she was bound by her husband, and gang raped by his friends. This happened for a few days. Against, if I even need to state this, her will. She was in and out of consciousness for two days. Eventually, she was released. In shock and extremely poor health, she contacted me from a remote hotel room.
I struggled with this event, and how to handle it. I struggled with this more than I have struggled with almost anything in my life. Vengeance. At what point does one administer justice to someone that the courts will undoubtedly not punish properly? The punishment for this particular crime, regardless of what was imposed by the court, would not be sufficient for the crime committed.
I chose at the time to speak to another close female friend about the event, and get her opinion.
Although I could not speak to my friend about the person, the events, or the intimacies of the above  mentioned conversation, we spoke for some time in general about God, about law and about the difference between what is right and what is wrong. I shared with her my thoughts of feeling a need to resolve this issue with the caller’s husband on my own. When the smoke cleared, I sat in a coffee shop and thought. I made a decision. “Put up again thy sword into his place; for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword.”  I decided, for once in my life, that it was not my responsibility to resolve this issue. I contacted the authorities, called in a few favors from some friends in law enforcement, and the issue was dealt with in a manner in accordance with law.
My female friend, as always, proved extremely useful in her ability to convey her understanding of the message of God in a manner that I could listen to and accept. I have always struggled with attempting to do what is right (in my mind), and hoped that it was what was right in God’s eyes. I do not know that these things always were in line with one another.
Until now.
And now, a year later, the person from the incident above?
She is well. As well as she can be, considering all things. She is fortunate.
I struggle - still today - with thoughts of vengeance.
My struggle brought me to this.
I hope you enjoy.

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Thursday, December 12, 2013


Scott Hildreth, Author: MALE EROTICA AUTHOR WRITES "BABY GIRL" SERIES OF E...: Scott Hildreth has released the entire series of erotica novels, Baby Girl I, II, 2.5, and III. The end result is astounding. The reviews ...


Scott Hildreth has released the entire series of erotica novels, Baby Girl I, II, 2.5, and III.

The end result is astounding. The reviews are in on book III, and it appears to be a five star book across the board. A total of thirty reviews in five days, and they are all 5 stars.

Without a doubt, the series tells a tale that only can be experienced. This series, according to readers, ruins them from being satisfied by anything else.

The series is about a man that is a psychiatrist who meets a woman who just graduated college. The mans parents are both deceased, and he doesn't practice. He rides in a Motorcycle Club. He's covered in muscles, and covered in tattoos.

She is wealthy, single, and never been in a relationship before.

She can not understand why, but she feels a need to make him happy, to please him, and making him disappointed is something that she can not come to terms with.

This series of book shits hard. If you're submissive, or have ever wondered what it is really like to be in a relationship like this, read this series of books. You'll finally have a real idea.

The books....

The manner that they are written, combined with the author's unique writing style make for a very interesting read. Couple that with the fact that the author is male, and has written from the female and the male perspective in the book - it's unique and unmatched.

The reader is experiencing what they read. It is almost as if they are thrust into the pages of the scenes they read.

For once, a tale told from the eyes of a man that is accurate, It tells a story of two people that are real, relatable, and raw.

Take a look at the Baby Girl series today, including Baby Girl III, just out this will be ruined as well......



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ERIK. It was cool for the middle of the month. Typically, in July, the weather would be in excess of 100 degrees. It was 80 degrees and 10:30 a.m., but the forecast called for a high of 85. It had been a fabulous summer for riding motorcycles. We had received more rain than normal, and the lakes and rivers were full of water for once, after about ten consecutive years of some form of a drought. The rain that we had received was mostly at night, and had not hindered riding, as most days had been sunny after the previous night’s rain.

She smiled as she stepped over the small stone wall into the patio area. As soon as I saw her approach, I stood. Walking her direction, I opened my arms to welcome her. Greetings and departures for me had always included a hug. Male or female companions received the same thing from me. If someone wouldn’t hug me, I was never comfortable that they were genuine.

“How’s my baby girl?” I asked as we embraced.

“I love it when you call me that,” she responded.

“I know you do, Kelli. I know you do.”

“I’m great, now,” she said, stepping back and scrutinizing my attire.

“You dress so simple, but you always look so good,” she said, chuckling as she said the word ‘good’.

“Thank you, Kelli. I appreciate the compliments.”

As always, I had worn a dark tee shirt and dark jeans. The tee shirt fit tight to my body, but was not a tight tee shirt. One of my pet peeves was to see a guy that wore what we always had jokingly called a shmedium shirt, a cross between a small and a medium. Clearly, most who wore a shmedium shirt needed a large. My shirts fit tight because of my body structure, and not because I bought them smaller than they should be.

“I love the way you smell. You always smell the same. The other day at work, a guy walked past me, and he was wearing that cologne, Yves Saint Laurent. The L’Homme. I actually got mad, because he smelled like you. I didn’t change how I felt when I smelled it.”

“How was that, Kelli?”

“You know,” she responded.

“No, I want you to tell me. Tell me, Kelli.”

“Oh, God. Well, I…I started thinking of you. Just, I suppose, in general. But my thoughts about you are always thoughts that end up in the gutter,” she said, smiling.

She was wearing shorts, a tee shirt, and Chucks. Girls in canvas sneakers, especially Converse Chucks made me weak. I always found the canvas sneakers to be a tremendous turn-on; probably to the same degree that most men perceived girls in high heels. Chucks, to me, were an 8” come fuck me pump. As I admired her outfit, I realized we were still standing by the wall.

“Let’s sit, Kelli. I have already ordered for us both,” I said as I took a step in the direction of the table.

I walked toward the table to sit down, and pulled out a chair for her. I walked to the other side of the table and sat, crossing my legs. As we began to talk, I watched her mouth move, her lips form words, and her hands move as she spoke - making gestures to compliment the verbal communication she offered.

“I love listening to you speak, Kelli. The silence between your words annoys me. I prefer that you speak constantly, and never stop. Something about hearing you talk comforts me or turns me on. Or both.”

“I’m glad you like to hear me talk. It makes me feel good that you say that, whether or not you mean it,” she responded.

“Kelli, let me tell you something. If I say something to you, I mean it. Always. I have no reason to tell you something that isn’t true. Do you understand me?” I asked. 

“Yes,” she said, looking down at her feet as she responded.

“Come here, Kelli,” I said in a sharp tone, pointing to the area beside my chair.

She promptly stood from the chair, and walked to where I had pointed.  Standing on my right side, and looking at me with disappointment, she tried to speak. When she opened her mouth, words didn’t immediately form. She coughed and began to try to speak again.

“I’m sorry,” she offered, looking down at me as I sat in my chair.

“Bend down here, Kelli,” I said in a soft yet demanding tone.

As she bent at the waist, lowering her head to my level, I turned toward her. I reached up, placing my right hand on the back of her neck, and slid it to her hair line. Grasping her neck slightly, I pulled her head close to my mouth and turned it to my left, exposing her left side to my face. With my left hand, I reached across her face and moved her hair over the top of her ear. I began to speak into her ear, breathing in an exaggerated form, forcing my breath into her ear as I spoke.

“Kelli, who owns you?” I asked.

“You do, Erik. You do, sir,” she responded, exhausting herself of breath as she spoke.

“That’s right, I do. Now, Kelli, what are you going to do when I ask you to do something?” I asked, my lips lightly touching her ear as I spoke. I reached around her with my left hand, and placed my hand on her upper thigh, directly under her shorts. I cupped her thigh with my left hand, squeezing lightly.

“Do it,” she said as her knees bent.

“You certainly will, Kelli. You certainly will,” I whispered into her ear.

She straightened her legs, locking her knees, but remained bent over. I slid my left hand under her shorts, and between her legs. She was well beyond wet. With my index finger, I began to slide up and down the length of her wetness. She began to moan lightly as my finger slid up and down, lightly touching her wet lips.

“Kelli,” I whispered into her ear as she moaned, “slowly rotate to your left, and place your hands on the table. Both palms, flat on the table, and do not move. Do you understand?”

“Uh huh,” she nodded her head as she spoke.

I removed my right hand from her neck, and kept my left hand in her shorts. She began to rotate to the right, and quickly realized - as my hand slid away - that she was going the wrong direction.

“The other left, Kelli,” I said quietly.

She nodded, as if in a trance, and turned the other direction. As she rotated, I pressed a little more with the palm of my hand against the gap between her thighs. As she began to place her hands on the table, I pressed my palm hard against her, keeping my index finger on the outside of her wet lips.

“Bend, Kelli, bend the fuck over. Put your fucking hands down on the table, and bend over. Do not move, just bend over,” I directed.

As her body bent at the waist, her knees went from bent to locked, and back to bent; over and over. Like a child in a rocking chair, she continued to bend her knees, rocking her muscular butt up and down. I shoved my index finger inside of her up to the web of the finger. As if I were pointing my finger, I slid in and out of her wet pussy, purposely causing my lower knuckles to bump against her clit as I slid into her deeply. In a barely audible voice, I counted out loud, as I slid my finger in and out.

Reaching to the middle of her back, I collected her hair in my hand. I grasped it firmly, and slowly pulled it tight. Gradually applying additional pressure, I stopped as her back began to arch. She had a faultless body. In this position, she defined perfection. Her perfectly rounded ass was pointing upward, as her knees were bent significantly. Her lower back was arched, and her upper back was raised, her palms flat on the table, her arms locked at the elbows. With my right elbow in the center of her lower back, and her hair in my hand, I pressed with my elbow against her lower back and pulled her hair to the left. As her head turned slightly to the left, I straightened my posture to speak into her ear.

“Kelli, I am going to count to twelve. Each time I count, I am going to slide my finger deep inside of you, and then pull it out. And when I slide it in, I am going to bang my knuckles against your little swollen clit. Do you hear me?” I asked, scanning the patio to confirm that we were still alone.

“Uh,” she squeaked in an almost inaudible tone.

“I will take that as a yes. You will, Kelli, cum on the twelfth stroke, do you understand me?” I asked in a low demanding tone.

“I, uh, I…don’t know if I…ok. Ok, Twelve. Oh God. Ok,” she said in short quick breaths.

Immediately, I slid my finger inside of her as deeply as I could, making certain that my lower knuckles bumped against her clit. As soon as my knuckle touched her clit, I pulled her hair taught.  I slowly slid it out completely, clearing her lips with the tip of my finger.

“One,” I whispered sharply into her ear.

Repeating the process, I began to tease her.

“All the way in…all the way out. Two.”

“All the way in, oh my God, Kelli, you’re so wet. You feel that?”

“Yes. Yes…,” she pressed her ass toward me, pushing her clit harder against my knuckles.

“All the way out. Three,” I said as the tip of my finger cleared her wet lips.

“In. Out. Four. In, and out. Five. In, and out. Six. Half way there, baby girl. We’re half way there,” I said, pressing my elbow against her back, pulling her hair slightly tighter.

“In…who owns you, baby girl?” I asked, pressing my finger inside of her, and holding it there.

“Who? Who owns you?” I repeated, whispering in her ear.

“You, sir. Oh God, you do,” she answered, getting louder as she answered.

“That’s right, you…are…mine. Seven,” I said as I slid my finger out.

As I pressed my finger inside of her again, I released her hair, and slid my hand to her neck, cupping my palm around her clavicles, and began squeezing her lower neck with my thumb and fingers. As I slid my finger out, I squeezed her neck a little more.

“Eight, Kelli. I want you to cum. Cum now.”

“Oh God. Oh God, Erik. Ok,” she said in short choppy breaths.

As I squeezed her neck steadily, I began to quickly slide my finger in and out, as fast as I could. She was wet enough that her inner thighs were covered in her wetness. My finger slid in and out with ease.

“Nine. Ten. Eleven. Twelve. Thirteen. Cum, Kelli, cum for me. Fourteen. Cum. Fifteen. Cum, you sexy little bitch, cum. Sixteen. Cum. For. Me,”

She began to contract and her knees locked. As they did, I began to slide my finger in and out as quickly as I could, being careful not to allow it to slide all the way out. As she began to moan, I buried my finger deeply into her, and pressed my knuckles into her clit. Rotating my hand back and forth, massaging her clit, her body shuddered.

“Oh fuck, Erik. Oh. My. Fuck. Fuuuuuuck,” she said loudly as pulled herself away from my hand.

“What the fuck are you doing to me?” she asked, turning to face me.

Grasping the inner portion of her shorts, she tried to reposition them, as if she felt exposed. Her entire body shook in an exaggerated fashion, and she bent her knees.

“What the fuck?” she said again, still standing directly in front of me, looking down at me admiringly. She smiled lightly, her lips pursed.

“Is there a problem, Kelli?” I asked.

“I’m weak for you.” she answered, and then continued, “You make me cum so hard, so easily. It’s like you have some way to crawl into my mind. I both love you and hate you for it.”

“Oh really,” I responded.

“Oh, God. I didn’t mean that. The love part. You know what I meant,” she apologized.

“You’re fine, Kelli. I know what you mean,” I responded, nodding my head.

She went back to her seat and sat down. As she reached for her purse, her hands were clearly shaking. I debated whether or not to mention it. I decided there was nothing to lose in doing so, and I brought it up.

“Your hands, they’re shaking,” I stated, pointing to her outstretched arm.

“Yours would be shaking, too. If I were you, and you were me, you’d shake. I guarantee it. You do something to me, Erik. Something no one else has ever done, and probably never will do. You told me you were going to ruin me. Well, congratulations, I am officially ruined. Smelling you makes me wet. Seeing you makes my heart race. Having you touch me, touch me anywhere…makes me shiver. Having you bring me to orgasm makes me shake. The aftermath of an orgasm with you, the post-coital state…is beyond any other orgasm I have ever had. Ever. Just the aftershock,” she tossed her purse in the center of the table and held her hand out, palm down, arm outstretched.

Her hand was clearly shaking. She attempted for a few seconds to hold it still as it continued to shake. Laughing, she pulled her hand back and placed in in her lap. I admired the color of her hair, almost blue-black. The color of her hair suited her so well. Straight and black, very healthy looking. The color complimented her skin tone, and her skin complimented her hair; a perfect match. Lost in admiration of her gorgeous natural features, I realized she was speaking.

“…and then I want you to pull it out and bend me over. So, what do you think?” she said

“Excuse me?” I asked, only hearing a portion of what she had said.

“You want me to repeat it?” she asked, looking puzzled.

“I’m sorry, baby girl, I didn’t hear you,” I offered as I crossed my legs, and leaned forward.

Smiling, she began to speak again. “I love it when you call me that. How could anyone ever get sick of you? Ok. What I said was this. I want to suck your cock. I want you to put your hands on my throat, and squeeze it. I want you to fuck my mouth until my eyes water. And then I want you to pull your cock out of my mouth, and bend me over and fuck me. Ragged. Fuck me ragged Erik,” she said, leaning closer to me as she spoke.

“You said all of that?”

“No, I added to it. I want you to let me suck your cock. We’ll start there. That’s a good beginning. I want your big cock in my mouth, Erik; let me suck it.”

“Damn, Kelli. You’re wound up, aren’t you?”

“Are you fucking kidding me? You just finger fucked me into a coma while I was bent over a table in a public outdoor restaurant -- while people walked by on the sidewalk. I felt like that orgasm was extracted from my chest, went through my soul, and exited out of my pussy, Erik. Have you ever had an orgasm like that? I fucking doubt it. I like fucking you, and I fucking like you. Make note of that. Put it in your Outlook in that outdated Blackberry you carry. Make a permanent note of it, Kelli likes fucking me.”

“You’re a mouthy little fucker, aren’t you?”

“I’m sorry, I was just kidding, don’t get mad at me,” she said apologetically.

“Not at all, actually, I like it. That’s different, and a turn-on, Kelli. Good work,” I said, waving my hand toward her, palm up.

As she started to speak, the waiter approached with our food.

“Two Cobb salads?” he asked, holding a salad in each hand.

“Yes, can we get those boxed to go, please? We have had an emergency come up,” I said, as I winked at Kelli.

“I’m sorry for the delay, sir. Normally we’re quicker. It’s just, well…we just opened, it’s early,” the waiter apologized.

“No concerns, just box them to go, and bring the check please. We have just had an emergency,” I said in a friendly tone.

As the waiter walked away, Kelli looked at me, smiling. There were so many things about her that separated her from the other women that I had ever exposed myself to - her naturally gorgeous looks, for one. She was stunningly beautiful just being herself. No make-up, no special presentation. Just being her natural self, she was breathtaking. Her naturally submissive attitude, personality, and demeanor certainly were a breath of fresh air to me. Not having to train someone to be or act as I preferred them was quite a comfort. There was no worry about her reverting back to who she was by nature. Naturally, this was Kelli. Take her or leave her.

“Where are we going?” Kelli asked as the waiter walked away.

“To the mall, Kelli, we’re going to the mall,” I responded, smiling.


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MUST READ - "BABY GIRL II" For The Ones We Love (25) 5 star reviews in two weeks

Baby Girl II is a true must read, and may be enjoyed as a stand alone read in the erotic motorcycle club romance genre (if that's a genre).

This book introduces the Motorcycle Club, ancillary characters that are as strong as the main characters, and a plot that will keep you turning the pages until you're done.

Written in 1st person POV with alternating chapters between the male and female characters, this book is a work of fiction that reads like it is real. You feel as if you have been inserted into the book, and are a part of the action....

And the sex.....

Well, you need to be in the comfort of your home to read this book. Plain and simple.

Currently available, BABY GIRL, BABY GIRL II, and BABY GIRL 2.5.