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Thursday, December 12, 2013


Scott Hildreth has released the entire series of erotica novels, Baby Girl I, II, 2.5, and III.

The end result is astounding. The reviews are in on book III, and it appears to be a five star book across the board. A total of thirty reviews in five days, and they are all 5 stars.

Without a doubt, the series tells a tale that only can be experienced. This series, according to readers, ruins them from being satisfied by anything else.

The series is about a man that is a psychiatrist who meets a woman who just graduated college. The mans parents are both deceased, and he doesn't practice. He rides in a Motorcycle Club. He's covered in muscles, and covered in tattoos.

She is wealthy, single, and never been in a relationship before.

She can not understand why, but she feels a need to make him happy, to please him, and making him disappointed is something that she can not come to terms with.

This series of book shits hard. If you're submissive, or have ever wondered what it is really like to be in a relationship like this, read this series of books. You'll finally have a real idea.

The books....

The manner that they are written, combined with the author's unique writing style make for a very interesting read. Couple that with the fact that the author is male, and has written from the female and the male perspective in the book - it's unique and unmatched.

The reader is experiencing what they read. It is almost as if they are thrust into the pages of the scenes they read.

For once, a tale told from the eyes of a man that is accurate, It tells a story of two people that are real, relatable, and raw.

Take a look at the Baby Girl series today, including Baby Girl III, just out this will be ruined as well......



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